Brieme was a noviere eladrin who served as an advisor to the triton king Mirentos. She kept her identity a secret, always appearing in triton form when in the company of others.[1]

Possessions[edit | edit source]

Brieme wore a ring of ixitxachitl warding and a shell necklace of protection, the latter of which was a gift from king Mirentos. In battle, she wielded an eel trident.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Ahto, one of Brieme's patron gods, had been pursuing the triton deity Persana romantically for a while, to no success. In an effort to win the Guardian of the Deep over, Ahto sent Brieme to act as an advisor for Torilian triton king Mirentos, who had been engulfed in conflict with Iakhovas and the sahuagin. Posing as the sole survivor of a triton community ravaged by sahuagin, Brieme was quick to win over the triton king, and would go on to become an effective advisor, covertly using some of the magics inherent to novieres to aid the cause against Iakhovas.[1]

Persana was displeased with Brieme's position, as the deity harbored feelings for king Mirentos. The Guardian of the Deep had not made Ahto aware of this, so as not to offend the greater god, but did send out agents to subvert the efforts of the noviere advisor.[1]

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