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Brigandine was a type of composite light armor, a cross between studded leather and splint mail armors.[5][4]


A brigandine had undercoat, often made out of soft leather, thick cloth, or rough canvas, and reinforced with leather plates with steel strips inside them.[4][5][6] The leather plates were riveted to the the undercoat and another layer of cloth was affixed to the armor's exterior - its overcoat. This construction made brigandine a high lighter alternative to scale armor.[5] More prominent versions of brigandines were made using dragon hide.[7]

The cloth overcoat served three purposes: it reinforced the composition of brigandine and hid the armor's nature from the distance, appearing as regular tunics, and it muffled the sound making brigandines quieter than chain and slit armor, but not as quiet as leathers or studded leathers. Comparatively to other armor types, brigandine was heavier but more flexible than hide armor while being stiffer but lighter than scale mail.[5]

Some makeshift brigandines were crafted by pirates and brigands out of ship sails, canvas sacks, coins, and brass splitters. Even these makeshift brigandines offered good protection against slashing weapons.[5]


  • Armorers capable of making brigandine or modifying garments into it could be found in nearly all cities and towns in the Realms, as well as in many places along trade routes. Armorers capable of making it were also common in dwarf, gnome, and orc communities.[8]
  • Tethyrian brigands, namely a "collective of demi-humans of diminutive stature", a group of halfling bandits collecting toll from travelers, wore oversized brigandine corsets.[9]
  • Sembian nobles were known to wear brigandines underneath their robes.[10]
  • In the Blade Kingdoms, brigandines were worn by the crossbowmen guards of Colletro.[11]
  • Brigandines dated back to the time of the great empire of Netheril and were in common use.[12]

Notable Brigandines

  • Deepknight's brigandine: a heavy armor version of a brigandine, created to be a boon for explorers of the Underdark.[13]

Notable Users


Brigandines were popular among rogues and brigands for their light weight, protection, and inconspicuous appearance. Rangers often owned a set of brigandine as a battle-ready replacement for their leather outfits. Warriors often picked up brigandines when sturdier armors were no available. Smuggles often used brigandines, concealing their illicit goods within the armors' layers.[5]




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