Brindell was a halfling priestess of Eilistraee. Brindell was one of the Protectors of the Song in the Promenade of the Dark Maiden.[2]


In 1377 DR, she was one of the six protectors chosen for an assault led by Cavatina Xarann on the main temple of Kiaransalee. However, after the death of Halav to a tentacle that suddenly emerged from a pool, Brindell was also attacked. At last, the Protectors managed to destroy the enemy and save Brindell.[3]

Brindell was later killed near the Acropolis of Thanatos during fighting with the Crones of Kiaransalee when one of them attacked her from behind.[4]

Resurrected in 1379 DR, Qilué Veladorn asked Brindell where Battlemistress Rylla was.[5]





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