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Bristle spiders were a species of monstrously sized spider, covered in needle-like bristles, that emerged in the Realms following the Spellplague.[1]



These spiders could spray their prey with an acidic poison and launch a barrage of their body's bristles. They could also detect and precisely locate vibrations in their surroundings.[1]


When confronting prey a bristle spider would launch a barrage of their bristles, disorienting and temporarily blinding them, and would then move in to spray them with their acidic poison.[1]


In the late 15th century DR, bristle spiders could be found beneath the ruins of Cragmire Keep, inside the Cragmire family's crypts,[2] as well as in the Gnarlroot Caves beneath Sharandar.[3] Around that time they could also be found in the pit fights conducted by the Gray Wolf tribe in Vellosk.[2]


Bristle spiders typically hunted either alone or in pairs and were attracted to the sight of battle.[1]


Bristle spiders were known to be found either in vast overgrown jungles or underground.[1]


These creatures were prized by both drow and ettercaps as guardians and companions, though other intelligent races were known to train them as well. In particular, oni trained them to serve as guardians and mounts.[1]

For the sake of attacking prey, wild bristle spiders would often ally themselves with drow or driders.[1]



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