Brogan was a Harper that lived in the Sunset Mountains.[1]


The dwarf wore woolly boots, a ragged brown-blue outfit, and a belt. Brogan had a brown mohawk and a beard.[1]


In 1374 DR, Brogan, being the eyes in this region for the Harpers, saw something amiss. The gnolls and ogres began to band together, and the sighting a white dragon was reported. The dark elves of the region seemed to be working with the other creatures, which caused him to worry. After hearing the drow plans, Brogan realized that they wished to exterminate the dwarven settlement on the Sunset Mountains, in order to protect the other creatures. In return, the drow would be promised the riches of the mines. In fact, a teleportation gate from the area to the city of Baldur's Gate had been constructed, potentially meaning that someone wished to move the creatures to the city. Brogan noticed that the portal actually lead the the Marsh of Chelimber, and he believed there was a gate that lay within the nearby ice cave.[1]

Brogan was later taken captive by a group or dark elves located in a mine close to where he was stationed. When rescued, he mentioned to his saviors that the leader of the drow, a priestess, made use of some sort of horn to enter the ice cave. He advised his rescuers to travel to the Marsh of Chelimber and find out what was really going on.[1]



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