The Broken Dagger was a stinking watering hole in the southern part of Dagger Falls in Daggerdale.[1]


The main building of the Dagger was a burnt-out shell.[5] To enter the tavern, customers passed under a sign painted with two broken halves of a weapon and descended old cellar stairs into a dirt covered room, lit by lanterns, and a row of beer kegs acting as the bar.[4] There was a wide, sloped, comfortable leaning rail all around the walls to keep the filthy inhabitants from dirtying the painting of naked men and women wrestling, which circled the three of the walls of the taproom. Another set of stairs exited out behind the bar for breaking up fights or escorting drunks out into the street.[3]


In 1336 DR, the Zhentarim took control of Daggerdale and Dagger Falls fell under Zhent rule.[6] Around 1367 DR, the tavern was frequented by Black Network soldiers and their orc allies.[7] Around this time, a retired Zhentish fighter, Tharwin One-eye, owned the taphouse and turned it into a wild and dangerous bar.[2] It was during Tharwin's reign of the Broken Dagger armed hobgoblins used metal clubs to clear out drunken customers or break up fights.[3] Around 1369 DR, Randal Morn reclaimed Daggerdale from the grasp of Zhentil Keep and restored order to the dale.[6] At this time, the half-ogre, Dynter, turned the falling apart building from an orc brawling pit into a preferred place for adventurers to have a drink.[3]


Under Dynter's ownership, patrons laughed and drank and did not constantly look over their shoulders expecting the flash of a dagger or the gleam of a iron cudgel. Dynter was aided by five bulky human warriors, who once were members of the raiding organization known as the Tesh Tusks.[3]


  • Stool rented per night for 1 cp
  • Break stool and pay 2 sp
  • Tankard of beer sold for 1 cp


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