The Broken Dagger tribe was a tribe of goblins dwelling in the north of the Vast Swamp of Cormyr[1] and in the Spiderhaunt Wood in Shadowdale.[2][note 1]


Around 1367 DR, Broken Dagger territory in the Vast Swamp was bordered in the south by the territory of Darkstar orcs, and otherwise surrounded by troll bands.[1]


The Broken Dagger tribe was known to live in the Vast Swamp around 1367 DR.[1]

At around that time, the Broken Daggers of the Spiderhaunt Wood were among the goblin tribes in the forest victimized by another goblin tribe, the so-called Noble Cavaliers, and the allies of the Dragonking's Eye.[2]



  1. Two goblin tribes named "Broken Dagger" have appeared in different locations. They might be unrelated tribes, related, or one tribe migrating between two locations. For convenience, both are included here.


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