The Brokengulf family (pronounced: /ˈbrkɛngʊlfBROH-ken-gulf[3]) of Waterdeep was a wealthy mercantile house that had been a part of the city's nobility for over a hundred years as of the mid–14th century DR.[2] They were renowned explorers and hunters who were known for tracking and capturing wild beasts.[1]



House Brokengulf was ennobled in 1248 DR when the Lords of Waterdeep recognized the various merchant families as nobility within the city and its realm.[2]

The Brokengulfs nearly went bankrupt after losing a great amount of their wealth to the ancient green dragon, Claugiyliamatar, following an elaborate ruse she played on the family's patriarch, Lord Saerlin. When she confronted Saerlin with blackmail, and he in turn sought out a dragonslayer, the great wyrm collapsed the tower of the Brokengulf villa upon him, crippling the lord and killing three of his sisters.[5]

Following the death of Lord Morus Brokengulf I, Morus II returned from the Sword Coast[4] to the family's estate in the Sea Ward of Waterdeep[6] to assume his role as the head of House Brokengulf. After a few months of frustration in this role, he turned over operation of the family's business to his friend and fellow Knight, Sir Gareth Cormaeril,[4] while Lady Aridarye became the family's matriarch.[2]



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