Bron was a human fighter and paladin of Eldath and the Lord of Iriaebor in the mid–14th century DR. He believed strongly in the city, feeling that if the in-fighting of his time were to stop, they could become a much greater power in the Western Heartlands.[1]


During 1363 DR, when Ravendas took over Iriaebor, Lord Bron was sent to the dungeons. After the Fellowship of the Dreaming Dragon defeated Ravendas and the Shadowking, Lord Bron was found in the dungeons, but one of the members of the Fellowship, Tyveris, had become a well-known hero in Iriaebor by leading the charge in freeing the prisoners underneath the High Tower of Iriaebor, so there was a disagreement on who should be the next lord, even though Tyveris didn't want that job. Bron proposed Tyveris take up a position as his advisor instead, helping him reestablish the city, so he agreed. Everybody in the city was thereby made happy.[2]



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