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A brontosaurus (pronounced: /brɑːntˈsɑːrʌsbran-to-SAR-us[4] about this audio file listen), also known as Thunderbeast[5][6], was a massive quadruped dinosaur.[1]


Brontosauruses were so large that most predators did not dare attack them.[1]


These animals were not aggressive. They calmly lumbered through the jungles ignoring smaller creatures.[7]


Brontosauruses only fought in self-defense. If necessary, they could stomp enemies and hit them with their enormous tails, which were powerful enough to even kill smaller predators.[1]


Brontosauruses were common to the jungles of Chult, near swamp areas and rivers.[7] They were also known to have once roamed the lands of the North and some shamans of the Thunderbeast tribe claimed that they could still be found living within the High Forest.[5]


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