Bronwyn Caradoon was a proprietor of an antiquities shop called the Curious Past, a part-time adventurer, and a member of the Harpers.[1]


Bronwyn was always one to share her knowledge of ancient texts and lore while making sure to pick up little gems of information—typically regarding lost or stolen items—in the process.[1]


A friend of Ebeneezer Stoneshaft, Bronwyn was allied with the shield dwarves of Clan Stoneshaft. On the other hand, she was not on good terms with the Knights of Samular, Algorind of Tyr, or Sir Gareth Cormaeril.[1]

Bronwyn raised a girl named Cara, who was the daughter of Bronwyn's estranged brother Dag Zoreth.[1]


As a descendant of Samular, Bronwyn had in her possession one of the three rings of Samular.[1]


While growing up in Amn, Bronwyn was captured by the Zhentarim and became quite the skilled counterfeiter of jewelry and coins. After purchasing her freedom, Bronwyn started dealing in antiquities and was eventually recruited by the Harpers.[1]



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