Bronwyn Daggerford was Duke Pwyll Greatshout's sister and a court wizard in Daggerford.[1]


Bronwyn was the sister of Pwyll Greatshout. When she learned that Pwyll had been designated as the heir of Daggerford's duchy by their father Pryden Daggerford, Bronwyn decided to learn the magical arts under the court magician Gwydion pen Dafwyd. Around 1362 DR, Bronwyn went to adventure for almost two years with the adventuring party the Iron Edge.[1]

When she came back, she was considerably more experienced as a wizard and more wealthy.[1]

In 1370 DR, Bronwyn managed the magical duties of the court and trained militiamen in magic.[1]

In 1372 DR both Bronwyn and her brother were missing or presumed dead, while a wealthy merchant and a member of the city council Matagar Bugo proclaimed himself the new Duke. Astriel Shalyn, an agent of the Lords of Waterdeep, discovered Zhentarim's plot to instate a puppet ruler, and take over Daggerford, and for that to succeed the duke and his sister needed to disappear. Matagar Bugo claimed Bronwyn was taken hostage by Xanathar's Thieves' Guild. In reality, the siblings were kept alive in the mines of Illefarn, guarded by Zhent-controlled Griffons Mercenary Company. Astriel's activities led to the Duke and Bronwyn's rescue. The city stood against the united forces of Zhentarim and Gorgomorz, the Devil of Daggerford, who had a personal vendetta with the Daggerford's ducal family. The city stood victorious and Pwyll Greatshout and Bronwyn Daggerford were back on the throne.[2]




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