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Bronze was an alloy of copper and tin.



Mundane Items[]

  • Most adventuring equipment, including weapons and armor, could be made out of bronze.[3]
  • Azer were often known to wear apron-like garments made from beaten bronze.[4]
  • Bronze plate mail armor was the best known practical use of bronze by adventurers.[citation needed]
  • Field braziers, braziers with matching burners, and tripod braziers made of bronze were all available for purchase through Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue.[5]
  • 5‒10 gal (0.019‒0.038 m³) buckets made of bronze were also available through the catalogue.[6]
  • Bronze was one of three metals that the spinning tops of Amn were known to be constructed with.[7]

Magic Items[]


  • Copper used for coinage and trade bars was typically a 94–96% copper 4–6% tin bronze alloy.[citation needed]


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