Brost, also called the Mushroom Village, was a trade town in the northern part of the nation of Tethyr in the Lands of Intrigue. It was situated centrally along a trade route known as the Tethir Road.[1]

Geography[edit | edit source]

Around 1370 DR, the town of Brost was an isolated trade town along the Tethir Road. Brost was widely known as a stop for merchant caravans and travelers and was well known enough across Tethyr to earn itself the moniker of "the Mushroom Village" by those in southern Tethyr.[1]

Brost benefited from its central location along several trade routes because the town was situated between the port city of Murann and Riatavin, as well as being the first town south of Esmeltaran along a trail that wound west around the mountain range known as the Small Teeth.[1]

Though isolated from many other Tethyrian settlements of the area, Brost developed a close relationship with the elves of Wealdath. So, despite being somewhat isolated from the aid of their countrymen, the town of Brost was still able to maintain stability for itself and the surrounding area because of the alliance with the Duchy of Noromath and by proxy the elves in the Forest of Tethir.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The settlement began as a hunting lodge named after the first settler, Kehlad Brost. The location later became a way station for caravans along the trade route after which farms began to be established in the area. After that, it didn't take long for hospitality and wainwright services to begin doing business and a town was born. The production of local ales and ciders, as well as produce such as peaches and other crops along with trade in mushrooms from the surrounding area, for which the town became known, gave the local farmers something to be traded and moved along the Tethir Road.[1]

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