Brotha was a small agricultural village found within the Barony of Ostel in Damara southwest of Heliogabalus.[1][2][3]


The farmland surrounding Brotha was quite productive, helping Ostel maintain their independence from the larger baronies of Damara.[1]

Most of the people of Brotha harbored harsh feelings toward Baroness Sylvia, the ruler of Ostel. They were close allies with the people of Brandiar, who also wished to dethrone their ruler (also a close ally of Sylvia).[1]


Tom Haystacks was the mayor of Brotha and her 400 inhabitants in 1357 DR.[1]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

It was rumored that Mayor Haystacks attempted to contact the Twilight Riders to secure their aid in overthrowing Baroness Sylvia.[1]



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