The Brotherhood of the Black Hand, also known as the Brothers of the Black Hand was a cadre of evil wizards originally based in Ascalhorn in the High Forest. They worshiped Bane, whose title and symbol was a black hand. [1][2][3]


The Brotherhood was established at the guidance of the lich Aumvor the Undying, as part of his plan to revive Netheril's spirit of spellcasting, arcane research, and experimentation in Netherese bloodlines.[3]

They were later exiled from Ascalhorn.[1]

After construction of the High Palace of Silverymoon started in the Year of the Cowl, 765 DR, the Brothers placed spies among the builders. With this, they managed to steal a number of invaluable and powerful magical items and artifacts, including the collection of first High Mage Ecamane Truesilver, the glove of Taarnahm the Vigilant, Tasmia's necklace, and the staff of Silverymoon of the current High Mage, Ederan Nharimlur. The Brothers were discovered the following year and the majority were caught and executed, but the stolen treasures were not recovered.[1][2]

However, the Brothers' safehouse in Ascalhorn fell to the machinations of the wizards and devils there, and the treasures were seized by those who killed the last of the Black Hand, before the city became Hellgate Keep in the following century.[2] They apparently remained there in the ruins by the mid–14th century DR.[4]



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