The Brotherhood of the Glorious Sun was a sect of the church of Lathander that believed he was the reincarnation of the supposedly dead deity Amaunator.[1]


The Brotherhood was a recognized cleric and knightly order within the Church of Lathander. Generally the members of the brotherhood were led by Sunmasters.[2] Around 1373 DR, the Brotherhood was under the leadership of Daelegoth Orndeir.[3]


The Brotherhood was entrusted with the keeping of chapterhouses or shrines dedicated to the sun aspect of Lathander and thus could found across Faerûn.[2] The sect was headquartered in the Temple of the Morn in Elversult.[3]


Through actions, a Sunmaster's task was to show how superior the faith of Lathander was over others. Bold action, and triumphic victories over chaos was what the Sunmasters believed would show how their interpretation of the connection between Lathander and Amaunator was the correct path. Sunmasters believed the sun was the ultimate symbol of their faith, representing dependibility, lawfulness, knowing what is right and banishing darkness.[4]


Daelegoth Orndeir
Andar the Sunmaster


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