The Brotherhood of the Moon was an adventuring company of Selûne-faithful,[3] based in the Icespear House, within the village of Deadsnows, during the years leading up to 1385 DR.[1] They were affiliated with the Knights in Silver,[note 1][2] the elite defenders of Silverymoon and Luruar.[4]


While the Brotherhood did take up residence in the Icespear House for a time, their inner sanctum was hidden beneath a magically sealed slab on the manor's stone floor.[3] For over a hundred years, the sanctum was protected by the Brotherhood's guardians, an eidolon and a pair of trap haunts.[5]


Shortly before the Spellplague of 1385 DR, the Brotherhood settled into the town of Deadsnows and wound up taking residence within the Icespear House. From there, they began patrolling the region in order to defend it from the malevolent raiders of the Nether Mountains.[1][2]

The brotherhood began to garner some considerable wealth from their exploits. When the blue fire came upon the Icespear House once again, it quickly killed many within the group. Those few that survived were forced to abandon their cache of riches and magic items,[1] hidden within their inner sanctum.[5]



  1. Shades of Blue Fire refers to them as Knights of Silver.


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