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Brown dragons, also known as sand dragons or great desert dragons, were ferocious dragons that lived under the desert sands.[4]


They had sand colored scales, though unlike other types of dragon their scales were leathery. They had small webbed claws and very large, long mouths. Unlike most other types of dragons, they were wingless. To make up for this, they are the most adept diggers, speeding under loose sand very fast.[4]


Brown dragons were both ferocious and intelligent. They were not particularly friendly or talkative, and this was mostly due to the fact that they considered most other creatures to be food, including members of intelligent races, and the idea of talking to their food was silly to them.[4]


Brown dragons preferred ambushes to straightforward fighting. They often buried themselves in the sand and waited for prey, then attacked with great fury. They had the ability to detect vibrations in the ground in order to detect approaching prey.[4]

A brown dragon's breath weapon was a line of acid, which reduced most animals to little more than sand and dust.[4]

Additionally, older and more powerful brown dragons gained a certain amount of power over air. They gained the ability to whip up a vortex-like sandstroms and to summon powerful air elementals once per day. Some could also innately cast the disintegrate spell.[4][5]


A brown dragon typically laired in a large cave or underground chamber, deep under the desert sand. They could subsist on a diet of minerals, including sand, but they loved meat. They were particularly fond of horseflesh, but also regarded intelligent humanoids as food. They had the ability to create water once per day.[4]

They were commonly found in the Raurin desert and the wastes of eastern Mulhorand.[5]


Brown dragons were thought to have been created by Imaskari artificers in the Raurin desert.[5]

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