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A brown pudding was an uncommon relative of the black pudding that was tougher and suited to marshy environments.[1][2]


Brown puddings were the most naturally armored of the black pudding's relatives, but their attacks were not as strong.[1][2]

As per other puddings, they were non-intelligent, and wandered alone. They could grow up to 8 ft (2.4 m) in diameter.[1][2]


Instead of corroding metals, brown puddings dissolved wood and leather. They consumed items made of such materials in about a minute, even if they were highly enchanted.[1][2]


They were known to be found among traps in Undermountain on Toril,[3] and even in the Castle in the Tears of Selûne asteroid cluster. In this instance, the dangerous puddings fed upon ravens and grass. They hid themselves very well, making them notoriously difficult to eradicate.[4]

In the Abyss, brown puddings could be found in Shedaklah, the Slime Pits, 222nd layer of the Abyss.[5]


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