Brunhilde Erikksson was the prop-and-costume-master for the Ravens Bluff Playhouse, as well as an officer within the city's bards' guild during the late 14th century DR. She acted as mother figure to the younger bards and performers within the guild, helping through their various artistic, romantic or existential crises as they arose.[1]

The experienced performer was considered a master actor, dancer and singer among her peers. She was proficient in speaking both dwarvish as well elven.[1]


The cellars of the city Playhouse served as the domain of prop-master Erikksonn. Within the dusty, old maze of tunnels, Brunhilde maintained a wealth of props and costumes including various stage-size wagons, rowboats, and even a halved sailing ship, various suits of armor (some of which were real, but most were boiled leather painted silver), collapsible Pole arms, shields with brightly-painted, fanciful heraldry, a prop shanty house, livestock pen and even a privy.[2]


Brunhilde was a particularly large woman, whose broad, round face was highlighted with florid cheeks. Her resting expression was something of a contradiction; her sharp, twinkling gray eyes starkly contrasted with her near-permanent frown, that made her seem as if she were in a state of constant disapproval. She wore her long, gray hair in a distinct singular braid.[1]


Years ago, Brunhilde Erikksonn was renowned singer within Ravens Bluff, toasted at the revels of noble houses and pursued by scores of adoring men. While she has gracefully retired without remonstration, she still occasionally sought the company of older Ravenian nobles, who fondly remembered her youthful beauty and exceptional talent, for a night of drinks and flirtation.[1]



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