Brux was the second layer of the Beastlands. A realm locked in perpetual twilight, it contained the divine realms of Deneir, Milil, Haela Brightaxe, and the cat lord.[3][4][5]


The sun appeared as a red orb always touching the horizon of Brux, while a half moon could be seen hanging low on the opposite side of the sky. It was considerably cooler than Krigala, so fog and mist commonly rose from the ground and obscured the trees. All trees grew slanted on the layer, pointing toward the dim source of light of the perpetually setting sun, and created long shadows. This seemingly frozen state could be disconcerting to visitors, but it did not disturb the activity cycle of the animals that lived there.[1][3]

The layer had an abundance of creeks and streams that led to Krigala and eventually flowed into the Oceanus.[1]

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