Buffalo were a species of uncommon herd animal that was sometimes domesticated by humans.[1][2]


Buffalo were large and stocky animals that were around 5 feet (1.5 m) tall. They had a humped back, a pair of small horns and a small tail. Buffalo were more intelligent than most other types of herd animals, and were the fiercest in combat.[2]


These animals did not flee from combat as often as cattle, sheep and antelopes, and often tried to fight off their attackers. Buffalo utilized their horns if approached too closely, and could charge from a distance, piercing and stamping over their opponents.[1]


Some buffalo were suited to forest environments, particularly in the Forest Country, which was in the same area as modern day Cormyr.[3] They were traded in cities, such as Keltar, which was known for its leather market.[4] Other than Faerûn, they were known to dwell in Kara-Tur, especially the water buffalo that lived near the Fenghsintzu River.[5]



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