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The so-called buried ones were blind pale-skinned humanoids who lived in the deep cold caverns up in the Sunrise Mountains of Thay. Their existence became known when a new cave system entrance opened up circa 1372 DR.[2]


The buried ones greatly resembled Mulan humans who ruled over Thay. Their facial features indicated their possible origins. The main difference that stood out was their color-less skin. They were extremely pale, if not complete albinos. They were completely blind.[2] These degenerate Mulans were tall, lean, muscular, and lanky. They possessed strength higher than that of an average human.[1]


The buried ones lived in close proximity to rare magical ore of precious metal known as crimson gold. The creatures learned to work it into red and golden weapons that were harder than steel and radiated mysterious magics[2] and glowed with faint crimson light.[1]

The pale humanoids lived in a community inside frozen and ice-covered deep winding cave complexes. The caverns had little to no light. When in their natural habitat, the buried ones wore almost no clothes, which was the evidence of their thick hides that protected them from damage and cold. They communicated in high-pitched whines and sounds somewhat similar to that of bats and shrieked loudly when needed to alarm their tribesmen. The creatures were intelligent, cooperated, and aided each-other.[1]


Many sages believed that the buried ones were related to Mulhorandi humans who were somehow trapped within the caves of the icy mountains and, over centuries, degenerated into these almost feral creatures.[2]

Circa 1372 DR, the stories of the buried ones started emerging in the lands of Thay after a group of adventurers encountered these cryptic humanoids while exploring the Sunrise Mountains. The adventurers told stories of the buried ones in Pyarados before venturing into the mountains to fight the creatures, never to be seen again.[2]

In Mirtul 1373 DR, a Sembian noblewoman and a rogue, Thazienne Uskevren traveled to the Sunrise Mountains in search of the fabled crimson gold. She encountered these aggressive humanoids in the process and managed to escape with a chunk of ore and her life after being attacked by the creatures. Thazienne reached the surface and had only one buried followed her out of the catacombs. He did not, however continue the pursuit and returned back underground, avoiding bright sun.[1]


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