Burn path was a very rare abjuration/necromancy spell that wiped out the knowledge of one path of magic the victim followed.[1][2]


This spell permanently erased the acquired ability to cast the spells of one path learned by a wizard, as well as those spells already memorized. They could only be relearned as new spells in the future. If the victim withstood the magic of burn path, she still suffered the effect of seal path instead.[1][2] The spell was only effective against unconscious or helpless persons. It took a full 8 hours to be completed.[2][note 1]


In addition to using verbal and somatic components, burn path required a costly scroll of beaten gold bearing the formula of the first spell of the targeted path of magic.[1][2]


Burn path, following close path and seal path, was the culmination of the rarely found Path of Paths, dreaded by followers of path magic as it directly attacked their spellcasting ability.[1]



Paths of power are an alternative system of rules for the spell progression and learning of spells by wizards for the 2nd edition Dungeons & Dragons. They could therefore be considered non-canon.

  1. These limiting conditions were only introduced in the Wizard's Spell Compendium and not part of the description in the original Dragon article.


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