The Burning Wizard was a bustling tavern found in the town of Beregost. considered among a favorite among the locals. It was somewhat unique in that its interior decor was comprised of small trinkets and ornaments that were donated by regular patrons.[2]


The exterior of the tavern had no sign, but a hitching post that was often quite crowded.[3]


The tavern was staffed by acolytes of Lathander, from the nearby Song of the Morning temple, who were trained to engage in pleasant conversation and entertain the tavern's patrons.[2]

No food was served in the Wizard, though runners were available to fetch platters of food from local Beregostan inns.[2]


The Burning Wizard earned its name from the tale of the mage Ulcaster, and his school of magic that was founded sometime before the 12th century DR. As Ulcaster grew in power, his academy was set ablaze by the group of Calishite wizards.[3]



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