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Burning devils were infernal denizens of the Nine Hells trapped in a state of unending suffering and eternally ablaze. The unceasing flames were a reflection of their former selves, a representation of their wrath for those yet to have passed, and consumed whatever life energy remained from the damned.[1]


Burning devils resembled gaunt and withered humanoids perpetually wreathed in fire, with those of the particularly tormented taking on certain colors.[1]


Burning devils hated the living and sought nothing more than to share their torment with others,[1] crazily gibbering with rage and agony as they tried to destroy them.[2] If left to their own devices they roamed the land aimlessly, scouring everything in sight.[1]


Burning devils were naturally resistant to fire, and exploded into flames upon being destroyed. They were capable of short-range teleportation (only about 35 feet (11 meters)) when exposed to fire not powerful enough to completely destroy them.[1]

Whitefire burning devils (a stronger variety) and blackfire burning devils (the strongest variety) were resistant to radiant and necrotic power respectively, even more so than they were to fire. Each could shoot bolts of flame that corresponded with their opposing elements and could do so immediately after teleporting, each able to do so in response to either fire or their respective element.[1]


Burning devils attacked with their claws or by blasting opponents with bursts of their fire. They fought best when near others of their kind, allowing them to teleport upon the deaths of nearby allies.[1]


Burning devils were native to the Nine Hells, and were often used in hordes by more powerful denizens as shock troops. They were frequently the first devils encountered by those traveling to Avernus by interplanar ship since they latched onto such ships and tried to wreak as much damage as possible before it crashed. The hateful devils were incapable of flight,[1] but could be swept up in storms and direct themselves towards the ships even though crashing them could very well get them destroyed.[2]


A special form awaited the especially agonized burning devils. Whitefire burning devils were created from the souls of corrupt priests and hypocrites, their radiant flames a reminder of that time. Blackfire burning devils were created from the souls of necromancers and mass murderers, their necrotic flames mirroring their dark natures.[1]


In the late years of the 15th century DR, the Ashmadai cells of Neverwinter were known to employ burning devils.[3]


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