The Bushido (pronounced: /bʃidboo-shee-do[2]) were a mercenary company from Kara-Tur that were based in Chessenta in the early 1360s DR.[1]


The samurai Noro Amoto founded the Bushido army to defend the lands of Kara-Tur against the Tuigan Horde during the Horde Wars of the 1350s DR. They fought valiantly, and continued marching westward.[1]

After the Tuigan's defeat, they were inspired by contact with the west to go on to Faerûn on a fact-finding mission, hoping to learn more about Faerûnian culture and military techniques. They planned to report back Kara-Tur.[1]

By the early 1360s DR, they were operating in Chessenta. The Bushido had fought two inconclusive battles against the Renegades.[1]


Organized as an army, the Bushido comprised 60 heavy infantry, 60 medium cavalry, and 60 mounted archers, with a 181 members in total.[1]


The Bushido operated as both a standing and a roaming army. Although curious about local customs and military matters, they made few attachments and remained transient.[1]

They followed the code of bushido at all times and never looted the dead.[1]


Usually, the Bushido set their footmen in strong position as a wall against foes while the archers harried them. The cavalry was used for a final attack or to cover a withdrawal. Hard-riding messengers maintained contact between Noro and his three lieutenants.[1]


Archers were equipped with composite short bows, short sword, and leather armor. Cavalry wielded katanas and lances and wore banded mail armor. Footmen carried spears and wore brigandine armor.


The Bushido accepted only honorable work and were picky over what contracts they took. They charged 700 gold pieces per week for their services.[1]


They were commanded by the samurai Noro Amoto with a firm hand and total authority.[1]



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