Bwayes O'tamu was a weretiger who inhabited the wreck of the Narwhal near the eastern shore of Chult in the late 15th century DR.[1]


Bwayes carried a close resemblance to his cousin, Wakanga O'tamu.[1]


Although he lived a life of relative solitude, Bwayes was not hostile. He was curious about passersby, and was open to trading gems he had scavenged for wine. After becoming a weretiger, he stopped using his name altogether.[1]


As a weretiger, Bwayes could assume both human and weretiger form.[1]


Bwayes kept several scavenged items in a lockbox in his cabin, including a spyglass, several gemstones, two potions of healing, a set of Three-Dragon Ante cards, as well as various explorer's tools.[1]


Bwayes inhabited the former captain's cabin of the Narwhal, which was relatively still elegant despite the wreck being upside down. He shared his domicile with a tribe of vegepygmies who lived below the ship and inside its hold. Since he hunted and killed more than he could eat, Bwayes shared his spoils with the vegepygmies, and as a result they got along well.[1]

He was happy to share information with friendly travelers, including the locations of Needle's Bones and Nangalore.[1]


As a child, Bwayes was very close to his cousin Wakanga.[1]




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