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Bwimb, called the "Baron of Ooze", was the evil archomental of ooze.


Bwimb was considered a great general of the planes in ages past.[2] He was apparently summoned to the world of Oerth at least once.[3]

Bwimb was one of several powerful planar entities slain by Tenebrous. In a mistaken belief that Bwimb was in possession of the Wand of Orcus, the undead demon prince gladly slew Bwimb, whom he had nothing but disdain for when the archomental allegedly did nothing but beg for his life during interrogation.[4] He was succeeded by his daughter Bwimb II.[1]


In life, Bwimb was an ally of Ghaunadaur[5] and fought for the Queen of Chaos during her war with the Wind Dukes of Aaqa.[2] His daughter was thought to have formed from his remains after his murder.[1]



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