Bythnara Shobalar was a drow and the twenty-eight-year-old (in 1348 DR) daughter of Xandra Shobalar.[2]


She was envious of Liriel Baenre, feeling that Xandra gave her too much affection and that male drow preferred her.[2]


Bythnara studied magic under the instruction of her mother[4], and shared a bedroom with Liriel Baenre.[5] Bythnara was required to kill a goblin for the Blooding coming-of-age ritual. This was considered a weak foe compared to the usually more intelligent or dangerous creatures pitted against drow in this ceremony, and she resented the teasing it brought upon her.[6]

Bythnara and Liriel had a strong rivalry, having grown up together.[1] In 1361 DR, Bythnara planned to dispose of her, so Liriel preemptively pushed Bythnara into a lake of flesh-eating pyrimo fish. Their friend Syzwick witnessed the murder but swore never to speak of it.[3]


Bythnara's mother was Xandra Shobalar.[4]


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