Byubo was the Padhrasattva of Nyum within the Padhran religion. "Nyum" was a Ra-Khatian concept combining spirit, courage, and audaciousness, most similar to chutzpah.[1]


In life, Byubo was a follower of the Padhra and one of those who achieved "eaum", or a state of enlightenment. He ascended to join the Padhra and become a padhrasttva.[2]


Byubo was often depicted in statuary as a man of comical proportions, with short stubby legs and long gangly arms, displaying a wide and loutish grin.[3]


The Order of Rainbow Monks at the Rainbow Monastery worshiped Byubo. They helped pilgrims and travelers passing through the Gogrus Chasm region of the Katakoro Shan range in Ra-Khati, in exchange for donations to the order. They operated hospices for travelers and transported cargo up the chasm wall.[1] Each building of the Rainbow Monastery housed a statue of Byubo in one form or another (one even as a thief), with an expression and a magic item that bored a blessing or a curse for those who failed to heed the proverb each building reflect.[3][4]

Magic ItemsEdit

Byubo's Lamp of Audacity, held by the statue of Byubo in the Purple Priory of the Rainbow Monastery, was a potent magical item for those of the Padhran faith.[5]



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