Byubo's Lamp of Audacity was a unique magic item that could be found within the Rainbow Monastery in the Hordelands. It was associated with Byubo, the Padhasattva of Nyum (audacious courage).[1][2]


This magic item looked like a normal butter lamp.[1]


Only a true follower of the Padhran religion could hold the lamp without suffering harm, and they would instantly learn its powers. All others would instantly be struck dumb.[note 1][1][2]

Followers of the Padhran religion (whether a priest or not) gained one of the following clerical spells at random if they filled the lamp with oil, lit it, and then meditated with it as a focus for three hours:[1][2]

Users were only allowed to access one of these spells per day and they were required to use the spell within 24 hours or it would disappear.[1][2]


The lamp was held by a seated statue of Byubo in the Purple Priory of the Rainbow Monastery.[1]



  1. Anyone who did not follow the Padhran religion would lose points of Wisdom when touching the lamp.


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