Caer-Dineval was one of the towns of Ten Towns of Icewind Dale.[6]


Caer-Dineval was located on the northwestern bank of Lac Dinneshere, not far south of Caer-Konig. [7] It was situated in a half-circle around Knucklehead Harbor, with the Caer castle overlooking the harbor from the Cliffs of Dinev in the east.[8]


The two towns of Caer-Dineval and Caer-Konig had an agreement to share fishing rights, but nevertheless squabbled over fishing territory.[8]


The Dinev family, displaced from their home in Cormyr,[3] originally built the castle in the 1050 DR, hoping to claim all of Icewind Dale for themselves. They abandoned it eight years later in 1058 DR due to an orc siege that eliminated the town's population, either by death or by forcing them to flee. The Dinevs starved after three weeks inside their home and were too weak to fight back when the orcs got inside. A decade later, the castle was retaken from the orcs by the ancestors of the current townsfolk.[8][5]

By the Year of the Worm, 1356 DR, young Jensin Brent had become the councilman of the town.[9][4] As spokesman, he lived in the Caer and greedily defended fishing rights against Caer-Konig.[7][8]

As of the Year of the Iron Dwarf's Vengeance, 1485 DR, Caer-Dineval was largely the same.[5] Though the town's feud with Caer-Konig had only just died down thanks to an alliance between the speakers, enmities between the two peoples remained. Their agreement existed only to create a united front against the fishing fleet of Easthaven.[10]

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