Caer-Konig was one of the towns of Ten Towns in Icewind Dale.


Caer-Konig was located on the northern shore of Lac Dinneshere, not far from Caer-Dineval. The fishing waters of the lake were shared between the two towns, but fishermen nevertheless often squabbled over territory.[5]


Dorim Lugar was the councilman of the town until he was killed over a fish in 1356 DR.[2] His second-in-command, Schermont, became the new councilman after the incident.[3] Schermont was known for his heavy-handed approach to rulership,[6] and he held a particular grudge against Caer-Dineval.

After the war with Akar Kessell and the Battle of Icewind Dale, Caer-Konig was given to the barbarians[3], although the barbarians later left town for the open tundra.[citation needed]


The town straddled the round harbor in a semicircle, with a line of buildings at the edge of the harbor, an uphill slope, and a circular round with buildings.[6]


  • Market square, located on the eastern side of the city.[6]
  • Market Inn, located on the market square.[6]
  • Tavern, located on the market square.[6]
  • Schermont's house, located in the upper part of the town near the ruined caer.[6]
  • Ruined caer (castle), located on a small hill above the town overlooking the harbor.[6]