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Caer Corwell was a small city[2] and castle a mile outside of Lowhill on the isle of Gwynneth.[3]


The keep was located on a rocky cliff overlooking the common fields of Corwell and the waters of Corwell Firth.[4][5]



The castle was surrounded by a high wooden palisade which ended in a stone gatehouse.[6] The front gates of the castle were made of strong wood and an iron portcullis was lowered from the gatehouse, which had four stout watchtowers.[7] Rising above the from the courtyard, the keep was protected by three parapeted towers; the banner of the Kendrick family, a silver bear on a black field, hung in splendor from the tallest point of the castle.[5] Within the keep, Caer Corwell had a huge hall with two great oak tables and a large fireplace in the corner.[8]


A large village green spread out below the keep with a druid's grove, surrounded by a ring of massive oak trees in the center, that also contained a Moonwell. The small wooden buildings of the Ffolk were protected by a three-sided low stone wall.[5] A wooden harbor jutting out into the Corwell Firth was used to moor Corwellian fishing boats, coracles and Calishite trading vessels.[9] It was surrounded by storage buildings which the city itself was built around.[10]

Elminster remarked that the city's inns, The Boar's Tusk and The Red Stag were fine. The Boar's Tusk was run by an old hunter named Garek and had an almost exclusively male customer base while the Red Stag was run by a former Waterdhavian barmaid named Miriam, who left the city for a rural life. It was a quieter establishment that specialized in savoury food.[11]

Notable locations[]


Tristan Kendrick and his father's ward, Robyn were raised within the castle walls.[1]


Around 1375 DR, the great city fell into ruins.[4][12]