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Caer Windlauer was an enormous castle that orbited the sun of Realmspace in a comet-like trajectory.[1]


The castle orbited the sun at a 45° angle with respect to the other planets in a highly elliptical orbit, coming as close as Coliar and as far as Karpri. It was a magnificent structure whose grassy estate spanned thousands of acres filled with beautiful trees, streams, and a lake inhabited by a few dozen geese. The castle itself had ten towers over 100 ft (30 m) tall and was made of perfectly carved stone.[1]


Caer Windlauer used to be located in the city of Trondhelm on the island of Oman in the Moonshaes. Sometime before the mid-14th century DR, the castle was thrown into space after Omar McDauphin, its introverted occupant, cast a wish spell from a ring of three wishes asking for total isolation and that he and his family would never be robbed or harmed. The spell caused his family to become part of a group of assassins, for Omar to be turned into a stone giant, for all his possessions to disappear (except for one chair and the geese), and for his entire estate to be thrown into space, forever. The ring still had one charge left, but the previous wish also destroyed the last charge so that Omar could never return home.[1]

The coastal area of Oman where the estate used to be became an ocean-filled bay known as Iron Keep Bay.[1]



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