Caim was an outcast archdevil confined to Avernus.[1]


Caim resembled a 5‑foot-tall (1.5‑meter) thrush with dark feathers and a long, sharp beak. He habitually wore a belt with pouches containing various things he found necessary.[1]


Caim was duplicitous gossip and sneak who liked to dupe visitors. He was also a skilled orator and could make his opinions seem reasonable. He found the flesh of humans and elves to be delicious. His personality and habits meant that he was disliked throughout Baator.[1]


Caim, like any archdevil, possessed a number of natural magical powers. He frequently used an unseen servant–like spell-like ability to manipulate the objects he kept in his belt.[1]


Like the other outcast archdevils, Caim was forced to roam Avernus alone.[1]



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