Caladnei (pronounced: /kɑːˈlɑːdnkah-LAD-nay[1]) was the Royal Mage of the Cormyrian court, replacing Vangerdahast after his retirement. She was renowned for her feisty and opinionated personality and was often seen as hard to deal with in the Court.[3] Caladnei was also the leader of the famed War Wizards.[4]


Raised in Turmish by her Cormyrian father and Turmian mother, Caladnei had traveled throughout Faerûn in her youth, often via portals. She trained her fighting skills in Waterdeep, dueled with wizards in Halruaa, and even learned forging skills with the gold dwarves of the Great Rift. When Caladnei's mother died in a storm at sea, her father took ill, and she returned to care for him. She began supporting herself as a mercenary and crafter of minor magical items. It was around this time that she attracted the attention of Vangerdahast and began the path to her position as Royal Mage.

Caladnei was the only Mage Royal of Cormyr that was not descended from Baerauble Etharr and Alea Dahast.[1]

In 1399 DR, Caladnei was ravaged by the expanding Spellplague while in a heavily-warded spellcasting chamber known as the Dragonskull Chamber. The room's wards were warped so that anyone with spellcasting ability couldn't approach without becoming violently ill. For this reason, it was ordered abandoned.[2]


Among Caladnei's possessions were a +2 longsword, a ring of protection +2, a minor cloak of displacement, winged boots, and a brooch of shielding.[1]



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