The calan tree was a plant unique to Faerûn. The highly prized heartwood of this tree was called calantra. Calans could be found in the southern half of the Forest of Tethir and all forests south and east down to northern Chult and across the Shaar.[1]


These trees had a thick, barrel-like trunk with reddish bark that did not branch until the crown formed no higher than 11 ft (3.7 m) above the ground. The branches were small and thin and tended to tangle with each other and those of nearby neighbors, hanging down in a mop that was difficult to penetrate. Medium-sized bipedal creatures typically had to stoop low in order to pass through a stand of calan trees.[1]

Calans were very hardy and able to survive flood, frost, and fire. Some specimens were known to survive a blast of red dragon breath. The wood of this tree was dark brown, sturdy, and absorbed moisture and oils for years after cutting. Well-used items like a walking stick made from this wood rarely split because of age or dryness.[1]


Craftfolk from Calimshan and Tashalar were enamored with calan wood and especially calantra for carving, making furniture, walking sticks, and some magic items. Mundane items made from calantra were significantly more resistant to the hazards of adventuring than the same item made from other woods. Enchanted items that used a fair portion of calantra in their construction were exceptionally durable because the whole item gained the benefit of calantra's hardiness. The wood did not have any particular magical properties and could be used safely as a spell component for any dweomer that required wood, leaves, sticks, branches, or sawdust.[1]



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