Calandra was an adventurer that was captured and tortured by the clerics of Temple Darkmoon in 1358 DR.[1]


Calandra was a tough warrior with bushy brown hair and a toned body.[1]


All of the fighter's armor and weapons were magically enchanted, including her helmet, plate mail, shield and longsword. She also owned a spellbook, a skull key and an iron ration.[1]


As the Darkmoon temple started to become suspicious, Calandra and her sister Ira made camp in the forest close by. After they had gone to sleep for the night, she was forcefully captured by the clerics and taken into the evil temple. Here, she was bound and chained, and subsequently tortured, causing her to bleed all over the rags she had been stripped to.[1]

After adventuring through the temple, the Heroes of Waterdeep found Calandra, and released her out of compassion. As they removed the shackles, she told the heroes to beware of the halls ahead. Like the other prisoner of the catacombs, Shorn Diergar, she didn't know the further plans the clerics had for her. She also mentioned that she had seen several death servants walking through the catacombs. She begged the heroes to take her with them, as otherwise she would have been left to die. If they accepted, the frightened warrior eagerly joined their party.[1]



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