Calathanorgoth, also known as The Old One, was a powerful black dragon dracolich who lived in the High Moor in 1370 DR.[2]


The dracolich lived in the ruins of Orogoth with his offspring: the venerable mated pair Wastirek and Vilholin, their son the adult Woklef and the young Aswidorg, and the mature adult female Cheleen.[2]



  1. Calathanorgoth is described as female in Cult of the Dragon (p. 54), as well as in the list of dragons in Dragons of Faerûn (p. 148). However, Dragons of Faerûn repeatedly refers to Calathanorgoth as male in prose (p. 94–97). This article adheres to the most widespread usage in the most recently published work, and treats Calathanorgoth as male.


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