Calihye was a female half-elf bounty hunter of some reputation in Vaasa.[3]


Calihye had light blue, almost gray eyes, thin lips in an angular beautiful face were it not for a nasty scar on her right cheek. She had long black hair.[4] Calihye was of medium height, lithe but strong, her graceful body being outlined by tight cords of muscles. She moved with the grace of a skilled warrior.[5] Due to her scar she talked with a distinct lisp.[6] She had received the scar on her lip while battling a pirate, his gaff hook drawing a jagged line from her cheek through the edge of her lips to the middle of her chin.[4]


The half-elf warrior could be ferocious or tender, often using her feminine charms on unwitting opponents on the battlefield, throwing them off guard before eviscerating them.[5]


Calihye made quite a bounty hunter of herself in Vaasa, her name topping the list of bounty hunter pay-outs. She worked alongside Parissus of Impiltur.[6]

In 1368 DR, Calihye fell in love with Artemis Entreri, the man who killed her dear friend Parissus. When Entreri asked her to leave her home or say farewell to him she found the options unbearable and reverted to her desire of revenge. She tried to kill Entreri by stabbing him with a dagger but was defeated by the drow Kimmuriel Oblodra. When left to die in an alley, Kimmuriel came back to her and took her with him to Menzoberranzan, where she was held by Bregan D'aerthe.[1][7]


Artemis EntreriEdit

When thinking back on Calihye a century later, Artemis Entreri thought that he might have loved her, at least as close as he had ever been in love with anyone.[7]



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