Dock Ward was one of the four port wards of the city of Calimport.[1]

Just ask anybody—they'll tell ya Dock Ward 'as the most o'everything!
  — A common testimonial from a seaman of Dock Ward[1]


Dock Ward had the highest percentage of taverns and festhalls in the whole metropolis of Calimport. It also had the most warehouses and the most shipping berths, even more than neighboring Armada Ward, where the navy kept their ships.[1]

The ward was known for its rowdy entertainment. After taverns, festhalls, and inns, the next most common buildings were warehouses, followed by cheap row houses built atop the ward's taverns and then by rope sellers and sail makers.[1] Structures made of mud bricks or wood, with thatched roofs, were common here.[2] There were a few houses or other larger buildings, such as the villas of the pashas of sea-related guilds, but these were rare.[1]

The public docks were located here and in Hook Ward to the east.[1] Dock Ward was a long and narrow ward, stretching west to east on the water. To the north, it bordered Palace Ward, Jewel Ward, Grand Ward, Quill Ward, and Wizard Ward.[3]


The ruler of the ward was Sultan Batras yn Faruk el Tuladim. He was promoted to the position of sultan by Syl-Pasha Ralan el Pesarkhal for helping the rising caleph attain his position during the Darkstalker Wars. Batras, a sabbalad at the time, used his connections with the guilds of harbormasters and shipbuilders to financially ruin his own opponents, while he arranged for the murders of members of El Djenispool, the main opponents of El Pesarkhal.[1]

As Dock Ward's leader, Batras preferred to allow the guilds to be run by their pashas.[1]


Dock Ward was divided into three sabbans with nine drudachs.[1]

Aktorral SabbanEdit

Also known as "Tavern Sabban", this sabban was dominated by alcohol-selling establishments. It contained three drudachs: Qademit Drudach, Markhib Drudach, and Meena Drudach.[1]

The mark for this sabban was a mug of ale, with the liquid forming a wave at the top.[1]

Notable Locations
The Ninth Bell 
This was a popular two-story tavern. Location: Qademit Drudach.[1]
Palace of the Cresting Wave 
This luxurious, seven-story temple was dedicated to Istishia, the god of elemental water. Location: Markhib Drudach.[1]
The Black Dolphin's Wake 
This was another two-story tavern. Location: Markhib Drudach.[1]
Shipmates' Hall 
This well-built, five-story building was the base of the Master Mariners' Guild of Calimport. Location: Meena Drudach.[1]

Jarûz SabbanEdit

Also known as "Festhall Sabban", this district was known for its many festhalls. It contained three drudachs: Harayal Drudach, Bayown Drudach, and Rehla Drudach.[1]

The sabban mark was a pair of dice. Residents and visitors liked to touch the sabban mark for good luck, and in many places in the district, the mark had been worn down to a pair of cubes.[1]

Notable Locations
The Ocean's Heart 
This festhall was spread throughout two separate buildings, one one-story and one two-story. Location: Harayal Drudach.[1]
Villa of Pasha Izaez 
This opulent compound contained buildings towering six- and seven-stories tall. Location: Harayal Drudach.[1]
The "House of the Marid", this four-story building served as the headquarters for the League of Harbormasters, Dock-Workers, and Ferrymen. Location: Bayown Drudach.[1]
The Copper Ante 
This simple, two-story festhall was a gambling hotspot and tavern owned and frequented by halflings. The building had a cellar, and before the Darkstalker Wars, it was also the base for multiple halfling criminal organizations. Location: Rehla Drudach.[1]

Ylar SabbanEdit

Also known as "Inn Sabban", this district contained the largest concentration of inns in the ward.[1]

The sabban mark was three small fish. It contained three drudachs: Vahlol Drudach, Affar Drudach, and Bitait Drudach.[1]

Notable Locations
Munaa's Smile 
This festhall stood a full four-stories tall. Location: Vahlol Drudach, near the home of Pasha Rasûl.[1]
Villa of Pasha Rasûl 
Pasha Rasûl's compound contained exotic three- and four-story buildings. Location: Vahlol Drudach, near Munaa's Smile.[1]
This three-story building was the headquarters of the Loyal Order of Fishmongers. Location: Affar Drudach.[1]
Villa of Pasha Badayin 
The villa of Pasha Badayin contained multiple elaborate five-story structures. Location: Bitait Drudach.[1]
Villa of Pasha Ydarit
The villa of Pasha Ydarit also contained multiple elaborate five-story structures, but his buildings had minarets. Location: Bitati Drudach.[1]




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