Quill Ward was one of the seven central wards of the city of Calimport, the center of much of the city's administrative activities, and a gathering place for sages, scholars, and scribes.[1]


Quill Ward had the largest concentration of libraries in Calimport. Most of these were not public but were private collections, but there were a few notable exceptions. Because of all the studious activity, it was one of the quietest areas of the city. Its inns and boarding homes were peaceful places to stay.[1]

Quill Ward location

A map of the city of Calimport, with Quill Ward highlighted in red.

Quill Ward was located north of Wizard Ward,[1][2] and it also bordered Grand Ward on the west, Khanduq Ward and Hammer Ward on the north, and Crypt Ward on the east. A tiny stretch of its Hikaya Drudach bordered Dock Ward in the southwest.[2]


The ruler of the ward was Sultan Abbas yn Akkabar el Quaahl, who was also a vizar to Syl-Pasha Ralan el Pesarkhal, having followed him to Calimport from Manshaka during the latter's rise to power. A ruthlessly evil man, many feared him as much as the syl-pasha.[1]

Abbas' son Malik ran most of the administrative operations of the ward. While he ran the ward honestly, he was an exceptionally gifted forger, and used his skills to frame his enemies.[1]


This district of the city had a special defense unique to it. It was surrounded by a powerful magical ward that granted several powerful effects. First, it was impossible for fire to grow larger here than that found in a typical fireplace. Second, the light from any candle shone twice as bright as a normal candle would. Third, it was impossible to catch a disease when within the ward, (though catching a disease outside the ward and entering it meant that one would still suffer the effects of the illness.) Lastly, paper and parchment never aged when within Quill Ward, meaning that the pages books and documents felt always supple and new. Only the first effect was commonly known.[1]


It was a wizardess from El Namor family who protected Quill Ward. Nureh yr Catahra el Namor, known as the Emerald Enchantress, created the powerful defensive magic in the Year of the Enigmatic Smile, 693 DR as a way of protecting her own private library, the Emerald Archives.[1]


Quill Ward was divided into three sabbans with nine drudachs.[1]

Hapij SabbanEdit

Also known as "Scribe Sabban", this sabban filled the western third of the ward and had the greatest percentage of libraries, schools, and scribing services in Calimport. Like a library, the entire sabban was quiet—disturbingly so.[1]

Most of the buildings in this sector had no businesses on the ground floors, so nearly all entrances were over bridges from the sabban and drudach walls or up stairs to the second floors. Living quarters were typically found on the ground or upper floors.[1] Access to the byways atop the walls was furthermore especially important in this sabban, because at least some of the gateways into Hapij Sabban had been sealed to block entry from the ground.[1][note 1]

The mark for this sabban was a quill with a black drop of ink at the tip. It contained three drudachs: Hikaya Drudach, Na'adil Drudach, and Fikra Drudach.[1]

Notable Locations
The Halruaan Scrivenora 
This four-story building was a scribing business that had good prices. In the upper floors, seven retired sages still lived. Location: Hikaya Drudach.[1]
The Imperium Archives 
This four-story private library contained documents about the Shoon Imperium. Location: Na'adil Drudach.[1]
The Graven Word 
This four-story structure was the home of the Masterful Order of Clerks, Scribes, and Scriveners. Location: Na'adil Drudach.[1]
The Spell-Lord's House 
This immense temple to Azuth had an enormous magical rose-colored window on its eastern face. It also housed one of the best libraries not owned by private families. Location: Fikra Drudach.[1]
Notable Inhabitants

A former Grand Vizar of Calimport, one Ali el Samesaj, once lived in this sabban. Almost half the buildings in this sabban still showed signs of damage from magical duels between then-druzir el Samesaj and a group of would-be assassins of one of the sultans.[1]

Nasim SabbanEdit

This ward occupied the northeastern third of the sabban. It was a poorer neighborhood than the rest of the ward and acted as a sort of buffer between the more expensive and quieter areas and Hammer Ward.[1]

The northern borders of this sabban contained a barbed-wire spear fence to mark where the syl-pasha wished to construct a wall to separate the Outer Wards of Calimport from the Central Wards.[1]

The mark for this sabban was a flame surrounding three stacked coins. The mark had been used for this sabban since at least 1220 DR, but no one really knew what it meant.[1]

Nasim Sabban contained three drudachs: Eggaeda Drudach, Nuvis Drudach, and Yaraf Drudach.[1]

Notable Locations
The Sultan's Library 
This fancy, three-story building was the private library of the sultan. Location: Eggaeda Drudach.[1]
Home of the Healers 
This simple, three-story hall was the base for the Circle of Physicians and Midwives. Location: Nuvis Drudach.[1]
Villa of Pasha Qoriha 
Pasha Qoriha's estate had a mixture of three- and four-story buildings, all of them of superb construction. Location: Nuvis Drudach.[1]
The Bards' Wisdom 
This private library collection included many works of interest to bards. The two-story building was owned by Druzir Kamal el Kitaeb. Location: Yaraf Drudach.[1]
Villa of Pasha Khaetim 
Owned by another pasha with a notable estate, this villa contained orante buildings of three and four stories. Location: Yaraf Drudach.[1]

Jhaapir SabbanEdit

This ward was also known as "Arch Sabban" because of the unique architectural feel of the district. While most sabbans had countless bridges and ramps connecting the raised byways to the second-stories of buildings in the city, many of the bridges and ramps in Arch Sabban led to no-longer used minarets and had elaborate arch designs. The publicly open minarets were a common meeting site for lovers to gaze over the city. Even the mark for this sabban was a representation of two of its famous archways.[1]

Apart for its architectural significance, the Jhaapir Sabban marketed in supplies for scribing and binding—parchment, vellum, and ink were all for sale here. Like most of the ward, this was a quiet and peaceful sector, occupying the southeastern third, where it bordered Wizard Ward and Maker Ward.[1]

Jhaapir Sabban also contained a good number of inns and the homes of lower-powered wizards. It contained three drudachs: Jemil Drudach, Jhalal Drudach, and Shuzah Drudach.[1]

Notable Locations
The Gallery Majesta 
This three-story temple was dedicated to Deneir. The first floor served a religious function, while the second story acted as a gallery for magical artifacts. Location: Jemil Drudach.[1]
Temple of Old Night 
A small unimportant-looking shrine was located in this sabban that was one of five secret entrances to the great subterranean temple of Shar in the Muzad. Location: Jemil Drudach.[3][4]
Eli yn Estaar's Inks 
This was one of the many ink-sellers in the sabban. Eli yn Estaar owned this two-story row-house establishment. Location: Jhalal Drudach.[1]
Memnon's Fingers 
This four-story guildhall was the headquarters of the Guild of Chandlers and Lamplighters. Pentagonal in shape, it had five minarets that were made to look like everburning candles. Location: Jhalal Drudach.[1]
This was the guildhall of the Choral Council. It was a well-built four-story structure. Location: Shuzah Drudach.[1]
Summarl's Scrolls and Maps 
This three-story business and row-home sold maps and scrolls. Location: Shuzah Drudach.[1]



  1. The source specifically mentions the gateway to Khanduq Ward as being sealed off, but this is impossible, as Khanduq Ward shares no borders with Hapij Sabban. It is possible that Dock Ward is intended, as it only shares a small border with Hapij Sabban and would be a lower-caste sector. However, the gateways from Vahlen Sabban in Grand Ward are noted as being open, but Makista Sabban from Grand Ward is not mentioned, nor are any of the sabbans of Wizard Ward, even though these too share borders.



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