Wizard Ward was one of the seven central wards of the city of Calimport, the center of its magical activities.[1]


This ward was full of minarets, most of them wizard's towers. Many magical and colorful protective wards and permanent illusions surrounded nearly 400 villas in Wizard Ward, making this part of the city a strange one to see for many visitors. These magical wards were established by private wizards, each with its own special protections and conditions.[1]

This ward of the city contained more than 1,000 buildings, and at least a third of those buildings were the homes of sages or wizards. Because the typical wizard was introverted and studious, this was one of the least busy wards in Calimport to pass through. The more extroverted enchanters and illusionists did like to show off their arcane talents, but they were in the minority.[1]

Wizard Ward location

A map of the city of Calimport, with Wizard Ward highlighted in red.

Wizard Ward was bordered by Quill Ward in the north and by Maker's Ward in the east. To the south, most of its border was with Hook Ward, but it also bordered Affar and Bitait Drudachs of Ylar Sabban in Dock Ward.[2]


The ruler of the ward was Sultan Eli yn Adran el Beza, who was also the Caleph Arcane of Calimport. He was notable for dressing in the manner of the Red Wizards of Thay, complete with bald head and tattoos.[1][3] He was also the brother of Nur el Beza of Almraiven.[3]

Sultan Eli required membership in the Guild Arcane for anyone wishing to live in this ward.[1]


The amlakkar of Wizard Ward included wizards in their membership, at least two for every ten amlakkar were found among the officers. They utilized rods of absorption and other defensive magical tools to neutralize criminal activity that was magical in nature. Indeed, the presence of such mages in the watch of this ward meant that chaos of the arcane variety was rare in this district than in most others in the city.[1]


Wizard Ward was divided into three sabbans with nine drudachs.[1]

Etarad SabbanEdit

Also known as "Novice Sabban" or "Apprentice Sabban", this was where the wizards of lesser power and prestige lived. It was the least magically active of the three sabbans in the ward, because mundane businesses were less likely to be damaged from a powerful mage duel here than in the other two sabbans. These simple businesses offered services catering to wizards, such as cooking, cleaning, preparation of material component, etc.[1]

The mark for this sabban was a wand or slash with seven-pointed stars around the tip. It contained three drudachs: Mindemn Drudach, Esaaf Drudach, and Tamuh Drudach.[1]

Notable Locations
The Sphere of Kaatos 
This bizarre landmark was a silver sphere three stories in diameter that floated some 18 feet (5.5 meters) off the ground. The sphere had no doors or windows and was constantly spinning rapidly. Inside, held to the inside surface by centrifugal force, was the home and laboratory of a wizard by the name of Kaatos, who was a collector of Imaskari relics. Location: Esaaf Drudach.[1]
The Loom Halls 
This well-built, four-story building was the headquarters of the Vibrant Order of Dyers and Weavers. Location: Tamuh Drudach.[1]
Notable Inhabitants

Pasha Daud el Vehmet controlled the spice trade[1][3] in Wizard Ward and lived in a fancy three-story home in Mindemn Drudach.[1]

Najja SabbanEdit

"Najja" was the name of one of the most powerful wizard's of Calimport's past. This sabban was also known as the "Auret Sabban", after its most famous landmark. Here was where the most powerful spellcasters of Calimport resided and where the Guild Arcane was based.[1]

All buildings in this upper-caste neighborhood were ornate and elaborate affairs, and the shapes and facades—and sometimes even the locations—of the buildings changed with the will of their owners.[1]

The mark for this sabban was three wands or slashes, each with seven-pointed stars around the tip. It also contained three drudachs: Odan Drudach, Ziana Drudach, and Mayya Drudach.[1]

Notable Locations
Eyesafar Hall 
This four-story guildhall was the home base of the Fellowship of Surveyers, Mappers, and Chart-Makers. Location: Odan Drudach.[1]
The Auret 
This seven-story, golden minaret, with magic sigils constantly in motion over its surface, was a famous site for the whole city of Calimport. It was the home of the Guild Arcane for the whole calephate of Calimshan. It was also a library of arcane knowledge, but only members of the Guild Arcane could enter.[1][3] Location: Ziana Drudach.[1]
This beautiful villa, containing three five-story buildings and a five-story minaret, was the home of Sultan and Caleph Arcane Eli el Beza. Location: Ziana Drudach.[1]
Aquas and Azures 
This was a notable gemcutter's shop and jewelry store, specializing in sapphires and other blue gems, that was very particular about whom it accepted as customers. The only entrance to the shop was atop a seven-story minaret. If you were prestigious enough to receive an invitation from Melroat, the owner, a blue flying carpet would ferry you to a balcony at the top of the tower. Location: Mayya Drudach.[1]

Tarshaj SabbanEdit

Also known as "Magi Sabban", this was the sabban where wizards of intermediate power and experience congregated and where may sages and their services could be found. Dull compared to its neighbor sabban in the west, much like Etarad Sabban, in truth, a plethora of magical items and even artifacts could be acquired here, if one knew where to look. An industry of magic item identification, creation, and sometimes destruction was in place here. Because of the amount of powerful items changing hands so frequently here, the sabban also maintained a larger number of amlakkar.[1]

The mark for this sabban was two wands or slashes, each with seven-pointed stars around the tip. It too contained three drudachs: Sha'ati Drudach, Fer'a Drudach, and Salleb Drudach.[1]

Notable Locations
Tuuramil House 
Not only a wizard's home, this dark, three-story rowhouse also served as a school for necromancy. Location: Sha'ati Drudach.[1]
This collection of six five-story minarets was the home of a married couple of wizards, Oma the Fireveil and Nur "Jambiyarcane", both of whom were yearly advisors to the Qysaghanni. The six towers were connected by invisible, arched bridges from the second and third floors, and each tower was glazed white with a gold-plated dome. Location: Fer'a Drudach.[1]
The Coiled Quelzarn Tower
This ornate, four-story minaret stood out among all the other wizard homes in this sabban. Location: Salleb Drudach.[1]




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