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Calishite was the name given to the majority of humans who came from Calimshan.[1] The variant "Calimshite" was also used.[2] "Calimite", however, was a deeply insulting name for these people.[3]


Though Calishites had migrated outside the realm of Calimshan. Calishites made up the bulk of the population in the following areas:[1]

Calishites were also a major ethnic group in the nations of Amn and Tethyr and could be found in smaller numbers in Lapaliiya and the Shaar.[1]


Calishites usually had dusky brown skin, brown hair and brown eyes. They were also on average a little shorter and of slighter build than most humans of other ethnicities.[1]


Calishites were descendants of the slaves of the genies who ruled great empires south of the Marching Mountains. These ancestors were not native to the continent of Faerûn.[1][4] After the djinni Calim's power dwindled, the Calishites were able to free themselves of the genies' yoke and founded the nation of Coramshan in −6060 DR.[5] Since this time the Calishite race has expanded and migrated to the various regions listed above.


The pervading Calishite view was that they were the rightful rulers of all the land south and west of the Sea of Fallen Stars.[1] They had a tendency to look on the northern cultures as being short-lived barbarian cultures barely worthy of notice. This, however, did not prevent them from trading with these nations.[1]


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