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Call lightning was a druid encounter evocation,[3] or an evocation spell,[4] or an alteration spell[5][6][7] or even a Conjuration spell[8] that directed lightning bolts to strike targets.


Early versions of this spell required a storm of some sort in the vicinity of the casting in order to produce lightning. Rain clouds, clouds with wind, even hot and cloudy conditions were sufficient, but thunderstorms, tornadoes, or whirlwinds created by creatures from the Elemental Plane of Air were good sources of lightning. The druid was able to call down searing bolts of lightning on any target (and anything within 10 feet/3 meters) within the considerable range of this spell, but only one bolt every ten minutes. The caster could do other things including casting other spells while waiting for the lightning to recharge.[5][6][7]

An improved evocation version of this spell did not require a storm and could be cast indoors or underground, but blasted a smaller area. This spell did considerably more damage if stormy activity was available. One blast could be called every minute for the duration of the spell.[4]

The druid encounter evocation also attacked a smaller area, and for a shorter period of time, but inflicted additional thunder damage on any who fled the area of effect before the burst of lightning expired.[3]

The Conjuration version of this spell would last for 10 minutes and could manifest up to 120 feet away as long as the caster could see the area. If there already where a storm cloud then the caster would gain control over the entire cloud and the damage would increment. Unlike the older versions of the spell this one could cast lightning on a area every 6 seconds and if as a higher level the damage would increase.[8]


The older versions of this spell required verbal and somatic components, plus the druid's holy symbol or divine focus.[4][5][6][7]



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