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A caller in darkness was a ghostly collection of the minds of a large group of victims who died in terror at the same time.[2]


Callers in darkness appeared as large, incorporeal masses of cloud, fog, or mist within which one could observe the faces of victims screaming silently in fear.[2] So terrifying were callers in darkness that even animals fled from their unnatural presences, and intelligent creatures dreaded being drawn into the shared misery of the undead entity.[3]

Thankfully, callers in darkness had no power in sunlight.[3]


The collective of minds had several psionic powers, in addition to the dreaded ability to steal the essences of dead, sleeping, or otherwise incapacitated beings from within as far as ten yards (nine meters) away.[2][3] When a caller stole the essence of another creature, it grew temporarily more powerful, and a new face appeared amongst the others writhing in horror.[3]


A caller in darkness roamed about, seeking to draw new victims into its nightmarish collective of suffering minds.[2]


When the empire of Jhaamdath was destroyed in −255 DR[4] by a great tidal wave sent by the elves, they inadvertently created a caller in darkness within the phantom city of Dhinnilith. This caller was of immense size and was composed of the minds of thousands of Jhaamdathans.[5]

Following the Spellplague and the location's planar linkage to Pluton, callers in the darkness could be found within the original abandoned tomb of Acererak.[6]