The calling was a magical poison.[1]


The calling looked like a thick black paste[1] that consisted of two components, the mucus of an aboleth and small spider eggs,[2] that were magically mixed inside the slime.[1]


The calling was a magical poison that needed to be eaten by the victim to work. The poison was concealed inside food. This worked so well that a potential victim needed a lot of skill as a cook to notice that something was wrong with the dish.[1]

When it was eaten by the potential victim, the spider eggs inside the paste hatched within two to twelve minutes causing grave physical damage.[2] If the damaged body of the victim was not capable of digesting the hatched spiders, they started to crawl in waves out of the victim's nose and mouth, dealing even more harm to the body,[1] and became a bloodweb spider swarm[2] that attacked everyone in its vicinity.[1]

As mentioned above, the calling was a magical poison. Great skill as a poisoner was required to create a dose of it, but that alone was not enough. A summon swarm spell was required as well.[1]


The calling was a poison associated with the drow. It was one of those poisons that was the result of magical experimentation.[2]



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